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Ludo Wizard
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  • Date: 2021-04-26
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Editor's Review :

Welcome Gamers to the world of online gaming! We’re sure that you’re enjoying this online gaming journey; you’d started it with us, correct? That’s great! That’s why we research for new online games and come up with new varieties. What’s new for today? It’s a good question, and we’ll answer it right away. It’s the Ludo Wizard -the game of the day! It’s an online multiplayer board game that you can play indoors; it’s amusing! Do you know how to play Ludo? You must be! After all, it’s a popular board game! Well, this time, it’s completely online. Let’s learn the steps then and play it; it will be fun, and you’ve to believe us! Once you play the start button, you’ll find the Ludo game board flashing on your screen. That’s the starting point of your game. Next Up; You can choose the online mode or the multiplayer mode alike. Also, you can decide the Bot to play as your opponent. Indeed, you’ll be thrilled to know about the option to play with four players; they could be your friends, correct? Great! Once you’ve selected the correct option, then comes the next step. It’s to start with the gameplay. If you’ve chosen the opportunity to play against Bot, you’ll see two funny avatars on the screen. One of them is, of course, yours. Who the other one? It’s Eric, John or Jack or someone else. They’ll be your rival; don’t show them mercy! Now, you’ll find an arrow pointing towards the dice. Once you press it, it’ll roll. You’ve to move the pieces on the board based on the number that the dice will display. But remember, the computer is also smart. If it scores more than you, it’ll move its pieces fast and be the winner. You’ve to stop it and win; we know you can do it! Ludo is always an all-time time pass game. It’s incredibly addictive and fun to play. Of course, Ludo Wizard is an improvisation over the traditional Ludo board game. Since it’s online and free to play, you can start playing it right now with the click of a button! Why don’t you play one gaming session with us? It will be fun; Guaranteed!

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