Minesweeper Mania
Minesweeper Mania
  • Minesweeper Mania

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  • Date: 2021-04-26
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Editor's Review :

Hello, Gamers! When the weekend fun is on, let's play an exciting game. We know you've got tons of games to play, or you've played many. That's cool! Today we're going to talk about an interesting mind-mapping puzzle game. It's Minesweeper Mania. You must be thrilled to play unique online games daily. If that's correct, then you'll enjoy playing Minesweeper Mania; we bet it! But it's important to know. Let's find out! When you open this unique game for an online gaming session, it'll be difficult for you to understand how to play. It's evident as you'll see some blocks on the screen, all white squares. What are you going to do next? It's a good question as you've to take an exciting move and what's that? Well, there're mines hidden under these blocks. Don't be surprised after hearing this; that's the gameplay. You're smart and intelligent. Of course, you can escape without pressing the mines. But what happens if you click a box that has got a mine beneath it? Explode! It's Game Over! Indeed, it's difficult to predict which blocks have got those monies. You've to apply strategy and think before clicking. Indeed, it's a game that'll test your logical thinking capacity. Also, you've to play fast as time's running. But there's good news too! What's that? You can press next and use hints! As you continue with the gameplay, you'll move to the next level. , you'll find an increase in the difficulty level alike. But, it'll be a journey full of fun, and we bet that! It's a beautiful game when we talk about design and its user interface. Indeed, you'll find all the gaming assets right on your screen. To play Minesweeper Mania, you've to click and uncover the boxes that don't have mines. That's how you continue with the gameplay. You'll enjoy playing it for many sessions and break your records. Yet, keep an eye on the total number of mines. You'll see the figure on the dashboard. But, which boxes don't have the mines? How will you know? That's the puzzle that you've to play and uncover. Let's do it then; it's Free!

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